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sEV 135 3U WN2200
iEV 180 2U WN200
iEV 180 4U WN200
rEV 235 5U WN100

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6 sec

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High-Speed Rotor Technology

Leveraging advanced rotor design, our system achieves unmatched speed and efficiency, setting new standards in motion control.Our advanced rotor technology incorporates precision engineering and innovative materials, optimizing performance across a spectrum of applications. By maximizing airflow dynamics and minimizing energy loss, our system not only sets new benchmarks in speed and efficiency but also enhances overall operational reliability.

Our streamlined design approach priorities manufacturability, enabling efficient production without compromising quality.By meticulously integrating design elements that enhance ease of manufacturing, such as standardized components, simplified assembly procedures, and optimized material utilization, we ensure seamless scalability and cost-effectiveness throughout the production lifecycle.

With industry-leading power density, our solution delivers maximum power in a compact footprint, optimizing space and efficiency.Through innovative engineering and advanced materials, we achieve exceptional power-to-size ratios, allowing for the integration of high-performance components in tight spaces.

Engineered for seamless integration, our system effortlessly fits into gearbox setups, enhancing overall performance and reliability.Through meticulous attention to detail and compatibility with a wide range of gearbox configurations, our system ensures smooth operation and optimized functionality within diverse industrial environments.

Aligned seamlessly with our system, our motor controller serves as the ideal complement, providing a hassle-free, plug-and-play solution that guarantees optimal performance right from the start. Engineered with meticulous precision to synchronize effortlessly with our system, the motor controller is meticulously calibrated to deliver precise control and maximum efficiency.